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European Sleeper Expands Night Train Service to Dresden and Prague

European Sleeper, the Dutch-Belgian night train company, has announced a significant expansion of its service network for 2024.

The service expansion follows the successful launch of their Brussels - Amsterdam - Berlin night train in May of this year. European Sleeper recently gained recognition for their Amsterdam - Barcelona route as a European Union pilot service and the company is now set to connect more European cities with the introduction of the new Dresden and Prague route.

European Sleeper believes the extension of its network to Dresden and Prague strengthens the connections between Western Europe and Eastern Europe, fostering cultural exchange and economic ties between the two vibrant cities.

Dresden skyline

On the route between Amsterdam and Prague, European Sleeper is planning to make stops at key cities, facilitating seamless travel across the continent. Planned stops include Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels (with a connection from London), and more.

The anticipated launch date of the new service between Brussels, Amsterdam, Dresden and Prague is 25th March 2024.


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